Aurora Hunting Tours

Experience the magical Auroras with Access Lapland in Rovaniemi, Lapland!



Authentic Lappish Aurora Tours

Our Aurora Hunting Tours is your best chance to experience the Auroras in the surrounding nature of Rovaniemi, Lapland.  Throughout the tour, your guide will schedule stops exclusively at promising places, and he will prepare an open fire to keep you warm, during which you will also be served traditional Finnish snacks.

During the stops, your guide will answer all questions you have regarding the Aurora and Lapland, and share his strong passion for the Northern Lights with you.

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Private Aurora Tours

For a more exclusive experience, we are happy to tailor a private Aurora Hunting Tour according to your wishes! Whether you are hoping to surprise your loved one, or you want to have a special outdoor dinner during your tour, contact us for more details for the Private Aurora Tour.