Fresh and tasty

We know that many people visiting Lapland want to be able to keep kosher while on vacation as well. Having partnered with local restaurants and bakeries, we endeavour to make this as easy as possible for you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – our partners in Rovaniemi have you covered. Even challah bread is available for purchase. 

Kosher certified food

Our partnerships with local restaurants and bakeries ensures that certified kosher food is available in Rovaniemi. We have previously also brought in Israeli chefs to cook kosher food and to train local chefs as well. It is very important to us that we can increase the availability of kosher food in the area. Lapland is a place of wonderment, full of amazing things to see and experience, and food shouldn’t be an obstacle for anyone wishing to enjoy the marvels of the North.

  • Start your day with a yummy kosher breakfast
  • Tasty kosher lunch with a variety of dishes
  • A delicious kosher dinner to top off a great day
  • Fresh ingredients guarantee great flavors
  • Locally made challah bread available to purchase

Challah bread

Do you want to celebrate the Sabbath with that familiar sweet golden braided bread? Locally baked challah bread allows you to feel like home, despite the distance. This is the best challah in Lapland – guaranteed.

Kosher breakfast

Start your day right with a rich and balanced kosher breakfast. The breakfast includes a wide range of standard morning favorites as well as some surprises. A selection of local baked goods from Lapland is available as well.

Kosher lunch

Enjoy a tasty kosher lunch that will provide you all the energy you need to continue exploring the Arctic of Lapland. Our partner chefs are passionate about every aspect of culinary arts. Food is prepared using artisan techniques to tantalize your taste buds.

Kosher dinner

Gather your family around the table for a delicious kosher dinner. Our partners want to make sure you can top off your fun-filled day with savory home-style dishes. Fresh produce and Lappish specialities create a dining experience that truly stands out.

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